photo by Tania Barricklo

Arm Of The Sea director Patrick Wadden being interviewed by Brain Hubert. photo by Tania Barricklo

Daily Freeman writer Brian Hubert interviews Arm-of-the-Sea director Patrick Wadden

On [yet another] snowy day of 2015, Brain Hubert sat down with Patrick Wadden to discuss the history of Arm Of The Sea mask and puppet theater.

The venue was fitting for seasoned story-teller being interviewed. Colorful books were the backdrop at Saugerties’ Inquiring Minds Bookstore. Daily Freeman’s Brian Hubert  readied himself with pen and paper as the master of mask theater shared the origins of what has become Hudson Valley’s ultimate performance art.

“Puppetry is very elastic and exciting, and capable of surprising audiences” — Patrick Wadden, Director of Arm Of The Sea

The full page Daily Freeman article features a series of photos by Tania Barricklo. The interview took place at the Inquiring Mind Bookstore in Saugerties, NY.