For Schools

For Schools

Providing wonder-filled, curriculum-based assembly performances and artist residencies for schools has long been part of Arm-of-the-Sea’s core mission. We believe that art and learning are powerful partners. Furthermore, we believe in the elemental beauty of live puppet theater as antidote to the all-consuming media screens of today.

Artist-in-Residence Programs

Our residencies are intensive, hands-on workshops designed to provide students experiences in creative collaboration. Each residency is organized around a particular theme and can engage up to 100 students in the creation of an original drama or installation. Activities include painting, sculpture, creative writing, movement and music. The project culminates with a one-of-a-kind performance event or exhibition presented to the entire school community. Visit Artist Residency Programs for more information.

Assembly Performance Programs

Our  large-scale shows can accommodate audiences of 200-300 students. Most shows require a performance area measuring at least 35′ W X 25’D X 12’H.  The floor of a gym or cafeteria usually works best. We arrive to set up at least 90 minutes prior to show time and provide our own sound system and lights.  We also provide a study guide prior to the engagement, and a Q & A discussion with students following the performance. After the program concludes, it will take us about 60 minutes to pack up and load out.

This season we have one new offering, plus three well-traveled, time-tested productions. Each of these shows fuse visual storytelling with great live music. Each connects to NYS Learning Standards, and fosters literacy in the arts. We have presented over 1,200 school programs, and are happy to provide references. We are also fully insured and BOCES-approved.  So contact us today to arrange an unforgettable arts experience for your students.

Click on each title for more information, including links to videos and study guides.

For Grades K -8

  • THE REJUVENARY RIVER CIRCUS – Our latest work is an allegorical tale about healing land and waters. The action ranges from Mountain Peaks to the Deep Blue Sea, and features many new puppet figures plus a savvy young heroine.
  • CITY THAT DRINKS THE MOUNTAIN SKY – The epic story of water for New York City, as told in the elemental beauty of mask & puppet theater. A perennial favorite since 1999!  Grants are available to schools in NYC and the Catskills to fund perfomances of this show. Information at Catskill Watershed Corp.
  • CRISS-CROSING BORDERS / CRUZANDO FRONTERAS -A bilingual “suitcase show” designed for smaller venues. This series of tales is inspired by Arm-of-the-Sea’s travels in Latin America.
  • TURTLE ISLAND MEDICINE SHOW – This contemporary fable combines parts of the Lenape Indian origin story together with a cautionary tale about global warming. With puppets ranging in size from 16 inches to 16 feet tall.

 For Grades 8-12

  • LA COSECHA / THE HARVEST – A poignant drama about immigrant farmworkers. This modern-day Grapes of Wrath ispresented in Spanish & English, with Nueva Cancion music from Latin America.


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