Marlena Marallo’s home gallery of prints, collages, installations & ceramic mosaics

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Marlena is the co-founder and artistic director of Arm-of-the-Sea. She also works in other media, including handmade prints and ceramic mosaics. Her art draws inspiration from visible and sub-visible pattern languages: oceanic diatoms, Mozarabic illuminated manuscripts, Cambrian-era fossils, Shiko Munakata prints, cellular physiology, Persian rugs, photosynthesis, Greco-Roman mosaics, migratory birds, Meso-American pottery, and the shape-shifting dance of light upon the water. Her prints are featured in all Arm-of-the-Sea programs, and a number of publications including those of the Hudson River Almanac, Ruth Mott Fund, and Scenic Hudson.

Cell Print Study

A series of 16 block-printed, hand-painted collage panels, each measuring approximately 72″ X 30″, created for the 2007 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite.

Installation at Imogen Holloway Gallery, Saugerties, NY, Dec. 2012  “Blue Angel Tribe with Polar Bear” & “Ship beneath the Winter Star”

Installation at Greene County Arts Council, Catskill, NY, Oct.2011 “The Predator General” – from TO DEFY THE BEAST