Into The Light

Into The Light

INTO THE LIGHT is a dance/theater collaboration by The Vanaver Caravan and Arm-of-the-Sea Theater. It features the Caravan’s dancers and musicians and Arm-of-the-Sea’s signature masks and puppet figures in the coming-of-age story about a young girl named Lucia.

Lucia is radiant summer of her youth, beloved by her village and the animals of the forest. But as the seasons turn and winter darkness descends, she fall into depression. Death comes to seduce Lucia. As he is taking her away, Lucia’s friend the Bear hears her cry and dances her to safety. “I go underground to sleep, but I know how to come back into the light. Can I show you the way?” says Bear.. So Lucia and the Bear set out together on a journey around the world to see how people of many cultures keep the light of hope alive through darkest of times.

INTO THE LIGHT is a spectacle that  honors many holiday traditions including Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Sankta Lucia, Winter Solstice, and Yule. The production is available for bookings in December.

Download a flyer about the show.     View a short video 

INTO THE LIGHT: Lucia & the Winds of Change.

Bill Vanaver from Into the Light, photo by Patrick Wadden

INTO THE LIGHT: Music director Bill Vanaver, photo by Patrick Wadden

Lucia & the Bear from Into the Light, photo by Patrick Wadden

INTO THE LIGHT: Lucia & the Bear