The 2012 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite – UNDER MILL WHEELS

The 2012 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite – UNDER MILL WHEELS

2012 Esopus Creek Puppet Suite – UNDER MILL WHEELS

From Under Mill Wheels, photo by Alen_Fetahi

From Under Mill Wheels, photo by Alen_Fetahi

  • This production was presented Aug. 24 & 25, 2012 at Tina Chorvas Waterfront Park in Saugerties, NY.
  • Bart Friedman’s three-part video of the show can be viewed at these links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

From the Program:

Welcome to our 12th annual Puppet Suite. This year’s show, UNDER MILL WHEELS, comes from multiple sources:

~ From the Esopus Creek, which gathers its branches on the eastern Catskills and cuts across 400 million years of geology before tumbling into Hudson Estuary tidewater.

~ From Henry Barclay and Catherine Barclay, essentially the founders of the Village of Saugerties. Henry was a 19th century industrialist, inspired by Enlightenment ideas of science and human progress. He built a dam and an elaborate system of water channels to harness the energy of the Esopus Creek. Catherine was his partner and a force in her own right.

~ From the ruins of the Sheffield Paper Mill that lie in the trees next to this park.

~ From Cornelius Aloysius “Connie” Lynch, and Madeline Hill Lynch, the original proprietors of Lynch’s Marina, located just downstream from this park. Madeline was a sturdy, clear-headed woman, and a trained nurse. Connie was a stonemason and professional trainer of firefighters. The C. A. Lynch Fire Company, just up the hill, bears his name. Connie was also a storyteller. His anecdotes, word plays and archival memories wove and spun through two centuries of Saugerties history.

UNDER MILL WHEELS is part of Arm-of-the-Sea’s Stories From Here, a community arts residency project which seeks to creatively involve area residents in local history and culture. As part of this project we will be working in several Saugerties schools this year. All proceeds from the SUITE will go towards the Stories From Here project.


Story by Patrick Wadden with additional script and lyrics by Bob Lavaggi & Sarah Underhill. Mask Characters and Set by Marlena Marallo. Music by Dean Jones, Malcolm Cecil, Doug Elliot & Sarah Underhill.

Voices by Bob Blacker, Sarah Underhill, Dean Jones & Doug Elliot.

The Players:

Bob Lavaggi plays Connie Lynch

Cathy Muller plays Madeline Lynch & Catherine Barclay

David Radovanovic plays Henry Barclay & the Bear

LeeAnne Richards plays Siobhan McMullen & the Horse

Patrick Wadden plays Taig McMullen & Windsor Doyle

The Girls Brigade: Ava Cooper, Hannah Cooper, Olivia Elliot, Sophia Elliot, Allie Joers, Nickie Joers, Julie Stohr & Kelly Stohr

Summer Intern & Production Assistant: Jo Anne Panke

Other Contributing Artists: Jean Whelan, Zzoe Rowan & Leslie Bender

Workshop participants for millworker puppets: Grian McGregor, Sam Peck, Linda Montano, Jennifer Beard, Susan Murphy, Jo Anne Panke & Katie Fleissner.

Thanks to: Karlyn Elia, former Ulster County historian Michael Sullivan Smith, creator of the “History Atlas of Saugerties”

Saugerties Mayor Bill Murphy and the Village trustees and staff Cantines Island Co-Housing Community

The 2012 Puppet Suite is made possible by these contributors:

Saugerties Kiwanis Club, Klock Foundation, Ulster Savings Bank, Advanced Radiant Design, Lanny Walter – Attorney-at-Law, Kit Evers’-Our Book Shop, Stephen Dyott, Michaela Graham, Ulster Federal Credit Union, Adam’s Fairacre Farms, Central Hudson. And by public funds from the New York Council on the Arts, a state agency.


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June 16, 2014