The Tidewater Center

The tidal Esopus Creek at Saugeries overlooking the future site of the Tidewater Center.  Photo by Michael Nelson.

Arm-of-the-Sea’s Tidewater Center is a waterfront revitalization project on the tidal Esopus Creek in Saugerties. Through a planning grant from the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, we’re developing a Master Plan to transform the ruins of a 19th century papermill into a vibrant center for arts, environmental education, and regional heritage. We see this development project as an extension of our work as place-based storytellers and theater-makers. Our vision for the Tidewater Center includes:

Painting by Neil Ives of former Sheffield Paper Company in Saugerties, NY.

  • Rehearsal/performance space for Arm-of-the-Sea Theater.
  • Place-based educational programs and exhibits.
  • Staging area for citizen-science and habitat restoration projects.
  • Public access to tidewater fishing.
  • Interpretive heritage site for the mills of Saugerties.
  • Way-station for travelers on the Hudson River Water Trail.
  • Space for community groups (e.g. rowing & sailing clubs) and waterfront enterprises (e.g. kayak rental, bait shop).

An eleven-member Waterfront Steering Group is overseeing the planning process. Its members include an engineer, construction manager, logistics professional, visual artists, educators, and restoration ecologists drawn from Arm-of-the-Sea’s staff, board & associates. We have secured the services of Beacon-based design firm One Nature LLC.   As of this writing (2/25/18) we are preparing for permit meetings with the Village of Saugerties Planning Board and the Dept. of Environmental Conservation. A public comment meeting will be held in Saugerties as part of the planning process. The completed Master Plan will be shared with the community in August as part of our annual hometown extravaganza, THE 2018 ESOPUS CREEK PUPPET SUITE.  Dates for that event are August 17,18 & 19.

Then the fun begins…..garnering the support and resources to turn the vision into reality!

Project Site after tree clearing. January, 2018